Indian Health Economics and Policy Association (IHEPA) is a professional body registered under the Societies Registration Act 1960. The need to have a formal body which would serve as a platform for discussing and sharing intellectual ideas pertaining to the Indian health sector was strongly felt by a group of like-minded health economists and policy experts. The IHEPA has been created to enable economists and other social science researchers, policymakers and practitioners to exchange, deliberate and discuss key issues and strategies in the health sector, in India as well as globally.


A vibrant and dynamic association that encourages and facilitates the exchange and sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience among researchers, policymakers and practitioners working in and on the health sector.


  • To offer a platform for learning, knowledge-sharing and networking to all those interested in contributing towards a more equitable and efficient health sector.
  • To bridge the gap between research and practice by bringing together researchers/academicians and policymakers, both national and international.

IHEPA welcomes young scholars and researchers, grassroots practitioners, the private sector and community-based organizations to become part of the organization, so that all views and experiences can be heard, debated and imbibed, if found useful.

While an Indian association, IHEPA would equally like to reach out to the international community of researchers, experts, managers and policymakers, and include them in its fold to make it into truly global association.